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Heart to Home works hard to create an enriching activity program. Our blog captures the essence of day-to-day activities and happenings at our residential care homes. You will notice a larger emphasis on outdoor activities during the summer months and more in-house events (music therapy, pet therapy etc.) during the winter months. Given our smaller size you will also notice that our staff have frequent times where they can enjoy one-on-one activities with our residents.

May 12th

Springtime at the Manors

We've had a wonderful springtime at Heart to Home. We started a new activity program where we receive fresh cut flowers from a Precious Petals Florist in West Saint Paul. Once we receive the fresh cut flowers our residents take time arranging them and placing them throughout the homes. It's a fun way to engage our residents in purposeful activities. We have also started our outdoor gardening projects. We will have raised bed resident flower and veggie boxes blooming throughout the summer. With the nicer weather upon us we have also began to enjoy more outdoor neighborhood walks, trips to the local ice cream shop and lunch at local restaurants. Below are some additional photos from all of the activities at Heart to Home this spring! 

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February 17th

Winter Holidays at H2H

We had a wonderful winter season at Heart to Home. We celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and Valentines! For each holiday we decorated our homes, incorporated seasonal appropriate activities and added fun holiday foods to our menu. Some of the highlights were visits from carolers and making chocolate dipped strawberries! 

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November 7th

Fall Fun @ H2H!

We've kept busy this fall at Heart to Home. We've done lots of arts and crafts, enjoyed numerous pet therapy visits and did some singing and swinging with Joanne Bolles our wonderful musical entertainer! 

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August 12th

Puppy Love

We've enjoyed a fun month at Heart to Home. We had Pink Cow Ice Cream trucks visit our homes, made lots of arts and crafts and enjoyed many puppy visits that would melt your heart! 

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Therapy Dog Visits
July 7th

Summertime Fun!

This summer has been a fun one so far! We've enjoyed a few birthday parties, our musical guests, the Pink Cow Ice Cream truck, Second Hand Hounds therapy dogs, and many other fun activities. One thing is true, if the sun is shining we are outside soaking up the rays!

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April 14th

Arts, Crafts, Easter & Pups

We've had a nice April so far at Heart to Home. The weather hasn't always cooperated but on those occasional warm spring days we make sure to sneak outside for some fresh air and sunshine. We have also been busy with arts, crafts, baking projects, musical guests and therapy dog visits. Happy Spring!

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January 12th

Holidays at The Manors

Despite the rising COVID cases in the US we have managed to enjoy some fun holiday times around Heart to Home. We baked cookies, decorated our Christmas trees, enjoyed some holiday music and spent time with friends and family. A fun time was had by all! 

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September 15th

State Fair Party @ The Manors

We had a fun state fair party at the Manors this past month. We purchased the state fair food box from the Minnesota State Fair for the residents to enjoy, and set up a variety of games and activities for the residents to participate in. It was a fun change of pace and brought back many fun memories for everyone.

As we move into the fall months we are enjoying lots of time outdoors including watching our pumpkin patch grow. When the pumpkins are large enough we will paint them and begin decorating the houses for Halloween.  We always enjoy a fun celebration at the Manors. Cheers!

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July 20th

Summer @ The Manor Houses!

We have had a fun summer so far in 2021 at The Manor Houses! Here are a few of the highlights so far:

- Pink Cow ice cream truck visits

- Fresh veggies from our gardens

- Birthday parties

- Lunch and dinner outdoors

- Baking, arts /crafts and games

- Sandwich Project; making over 200 sandwiches for homeless shelters

- Music with Joanne Bolles

- Staff anniversary celebrations;11 years, 9 years and 5 years!

We will continue to enjoy the beautiful weather and find creative ways to keep our residents happy and busy. We are anxious for the days where we can remove our masks and enjoy a big smile with our residents! Have a great summer, cheers!

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April 23rd

Springtime @ The Manor

We absolutely love spring here at Heart to Home. Longer days, busy birdfeeders and warm sunshine; what's not to love! This month we have kept very busy. On warm days we take walks around the neighborhood, and on cooler days we work on arts/crafts, trivia, and baking.

We also received 20 DOZEN roses from our friends at The Rotary Club of West St Paul. The residents and staff absolutely love them, and they sure brightened up the house.

Our indoor veggies are beginning to grow and we will soon work on transporting the seedlings outdoors into the garden. Gardening is a fun activity that is enjoyed by our residents throughout the spring, summer and fall. Happy Spring!

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