Resident Outing and Visit Guidelines

The Minnesota Department of Health has released new guidance for fully vaccinated residents living in congregate care settings.

Residents Leaving The Homes for Outings:

  • Effective immediately, fully vaccinated residents, defined by 14 days past second dose of Moderna/Pfizer vaccine or 14 days past single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, are now able to leave the homes for both medical and non medical outings without requiring a 14 day quarantine period upon return unless high risk behavior or an exposure has occurred during the outing.  Please follow the core principles of infection control when taking your loved ones on an outing.

  • Fully vaccinated residents are able to complete outings with family/friends regardless of that person's vaccination status.

  • Please call to notify the staff directly at your loved one's home if you plan to complete an outing for coordination purposes. 

  • All resident exposures to COVID-19 during an outing must be reported to Heart to Home nursing or management when that exposure becomes known.

  • Upon return from an outing, the Resident Screening and Check-In form must be completed prior to the resident re-entering the home.  These forms will be kept at the front door screen-in station.  See attached form.

Indoor and Outdoor Visit Changes:

  • Beginning Monday, March 29, 2021 visits will no longer need to be scheduled through the Calendly links.  Visitors can visit when they choose without scheduling, with the exception of during meal times.  Currently scheduled visits up until Monday, March 29th will continue.

  • All visitors must be screened at the front door upon arrival.  Note that staff may be caring for a resident at the time of your arrival and there may be delay on when they can answer the door. 

  • Masks are required at all times during both indoor and outdoor visits.  Eyewear is now optional and will still be made available at the screen-in station for your use if you choose.

  • Outdoor visits are preferred whenever possible.

  • All residents can have up to 3 visitors indoors at one time to be able to maintain social distancing within the resident room.

  • Visiting groups of more than 3 people must only visit outdoors.  Screening, masks, and social distancing are still required for outdoor visits. 

  • All indoor visits must take place in the resident's room with the door closed.  Visitors, including children, must go directly to the resident's room, must be in the resident room at all times during the visit, and leave directly from the resident's room after the visit. Visitors are not to be in the common areas at any point in time, these are spaces for all residents to use and increase the risk of exposures to all residents.  Visitors must not be at the dining tables during meals but should wait in the resident room until meal time is completed.

  • Indoor and outdoor visitors must not eat or drink during the visit to maintain mask use at all times.

  • Please review the highlighted changes on the attached Visitor Screening form to prepare for your visit.

A Note About Exposures and Testing:

  • We will continue to follow MDH guidance for routine COVID-19 testing and continue testing for symptomatic residents and/or staff.

  • If there is a COVID-19 exposure by either confirmed positive resident or staff member, we will be required to suspend visitation and non medically necessary outings until we know if there has been further spread or exposures through Outbreak Testing.  We will continue to keep you informed of positive staff and residents as we know when they occur.

  • Check the Heart to Home website for the most up to date information on suspension of visits and outings.