Frequently Asked Questions

What is a residential care home? Are you a group home?

A residential care home is a state licensed and inspected care facility that is regulated the same as large assisted living facilities, but exist in residential neighborhoods. Heart to Home is not a group home. We are a licensed Assisted Living with Dementia Care provider by the Minnesota Department of Health. Most residents of our residential care homes choose this option so that they can have high quality personalized care and avoid getting "lost in the shuffle" of large facilities.

What is the move-in process?

The first step is to arrange for a private tour by calling Josh (651) 485-8738. During the tour we will answer questions and gather additional information regarding your loved one. The second step is to have one of our nurses come do a physical assessment of your loved one in their current setting (at home, nursing home, transitional care unit, assisted living, etc...). The third step is to move-in! We make this process very seamless and can help facilitate movers, transportation and all the necessary paperwork. In addition we take the extra step and help setup the room just as it would be at home, incorporate favorite recipes into the menu and provide activities catered to the individual. All of these little 'extras' help make the move easier on the resident and their family.

Why should we choose Heart to Home over large facilities?
  • Superior care ratios. We provide 1 nursing assistant to every 3 residents days / evenings.
  • We communicate; with families and our residents. You will not get lost in the "shuffle".
  • On-site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hospice and Medical Doctors (Bluestone Physicians) are available.
  • Personalized care plans that focus on the whole person (mind, body, soul).
  • Owned and operated by health care professionals with over 65 years of combined experience.
  • We don't try to recreate the feeling of a ‘home’... We are a home.
  • Residents adjust quicker to our home atmosphere and model of care.
  • Staff get to know our residents on a deep and meaningful level. 
  • We have happy staff who are passionate about the work they do.
  • Menus and activities are based on individual preferences and needs of our residents. 
  • High-caliber staff that are professionally trained to help meet the needs of our residents.
  • Homes that are beautifully crafted and designed to provide a warm and safe environment.
  • We are dedicated to helping our residents remain a part of the larger community.
  • Our residential homes are more familiar and easier to navigate than larger buildings.
  • All of our homes were built new, which allows us to customize them to best meet the needs of older adults.
  • Handicap accessible homes adhere to our aging-in place philosophy.
  • Our homes are beautifully decorated and furnished.
  • Our homes are built using eco-friendly designs and technologies... The list goes on and on.   
What is a memory board?

A memory board is an area for residents and their families to display their cherished pictures, family photos, etc. They are similar to a large page out of scrap book and are located in front of each resident’s bedroom door. Memory boards are made by the residents with the help of family, friends and staff. They provide us with a window into the residents’ life and allow us to build deep meaningful relationships with our residents. Memory boards also allow us to help cater our activities, menus and outings based on our resident’s preferences. They are a wonderful way for residents and their family to help cope with the effects of memory loss and dementia, plus they provide a visual cue to help our residents locate their suites.         

What design features are unique to Heart to Home?
  • We built our homes using green products and equipment to ensure they will be sustainable fixtures in our communities for years to come. 
  • We provide visual sight lines so our staff can safely monitor our residents throughout the home. 
  • Our key safety features include: Security system throughout, sprinkler systems (varies by location), automated fire / carbon dioxide alarm systems (automatically roll over to a call/dispatch center when needed), fire extinguishers throughout the home and large exterior flood lights that illuminate all four corners of the home. 
  • All homes use low-pile carpeting, hardwood floors and tile for ease of mobility and fall prevention. 
  • We paint our homes with soothing earth tones to calm and relax our residents and provide ample green spaces for our residents to garden and connect with the natural world - Our commitment to holistic healing. 
  • We have in-floor heat throughout most of our homes which calms and soothes our residents.   
Does Heart to Home provide end-of-life / hospice care?

Yes, Heart to Home provides outstanding end-of-life care. Our goal is to minimize your families stress and allow each resident to have dignity and exceptional care throughout their stay at Heart to Home. We coordinate with local on-site hospice providers and are able to deliver a level of care that is comfortable, dignified and peaceful.  

Can we volunteer at Heart to Home?

Yes, we love to have volunteers at Heart to Home. It is a wonderful way to give back to your community and create deep meaningful relationships. We do, however, require that all volunteers undergo orientation.

Can we bring homemade food into Heart to Home to share with the residents?

Although we would love to have your food in our homes for the residents to enjoy, we do have some guidelines that must be followed. All prepared food, unless store bought and in the original packaging, must be prepared in our home under the supervision of our staff. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that we prevent food borne illness and allergic reactions. Homemade food can be shared with your loved one, but cannot be shared with the other residents. If you would like to grace us with your cooking, please call ahead and we would be happy to make arrangements to have you come into the home and safely prepare the food in our kitchen. This way all of our residents can enjoy your wonderful recipes!

How does the cost of Heart to Home compare to other 24 hour care options in the community (home care, assisted living, care suites, large-scale memory care)?

Heart to Home offers all-inclusive rates that range between $300-425 per day ($12.50-$17.70 per hour) depending on room type. These rates include room/board and services. When you compare our staffing ratios (1:3 care ratios), activities, menus, amenities and nursing/medical services to those of other options you will see why residential care homes such as ours are a wonderful model of care for older adults. In contrast private duty 24-hour homecare is $1,000+ per day and nursing homes are $500+ or more per day and offer a fraction of the services of Heart to Home. Schedule a tour today to see first-hand the Heart to Home difference (651) 485-8738.

Does Medicare pay for the services at Heart to Home?

No, Heart to Home provides services beyond what is normally covered by Medicare. However, we are able to coordinate Medicare covered services on-site which include hospice, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, on-site primary care physician services, on-site laboratory work, on-site imaging / x-rays, on-site podiatry and other skilled nursing services.