Gardens & Homemade Ice Cream

We love to garden here at Heart to Home, and we love giving back to nature. Our residents love spending time outdoors, and to have beautiful gardens to enjoy is an important part of that experience. We have residents who tend to flower pots and enjoy watching fresh tomato's ripen on the vine. We also enjoy our critter visitors which include turkey, eagles, song-birds, butterflies and so much more. Part of our commitment to being "green" is being good stewards of our properties. The next time you visit one of our homes make sure to "stop and smell the roses"!!

Besides our love of gardening we also love ice cream! It is by far the most popular treat here at Heart to Home. Our residents love plain vanilla, and of course a DQ ice cream cake for those special birthday parties. So in honor of all things ice cream... we decided to make our own ice cream for a resident activity! Fun and Yum!!