COVID-19 Indoor Visit Policy

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has issued guidance on how we our can safely re-open to visitors and continue to protect the health of our residents and staff. This guidance is data driven and is the framework to our Visitation Policy
Visitation Reminders:
- Mask and eye protection must be worn at all times
- Maintain 6 foot social distancing
- No eating or drinking with our residents during the visit
- Only 2 visitors at a time (you plus 1 guest)
- Visits are non-transferable
- Visits are for 2 hours at a time
- Sanitize your hands when you come and go
- Remain in the residents room with the door closed during the visit
- After being screened in go directly to the residents room you are visiting; do not visit with other residents in the home
Please sign up for indoor visits via the links below:
We deeply appreciate the sacrifices you made to limit the impact of COVID-19 in Heart to Home. Our entire team looks forward to seeing you again—families, friends and volunteers are a core fabric of what makes our community so special.
Please reach out with any questions.