Registered Nurse

This position will ensure that the health and safety of all clients are met.  The RN will ensure that staff is trained in Assisted Living with Dementia Care procedures and policies which are current and up to date.  The RN will also ensure that the Assisted Living is in compliance with current regulations.  Working cooperatively with the Heart to Home management team supervises the delivery of services provided to the clients and supervises staff.



This position required the incumbent to have:

  • Possess a sensitivity and aptitude for working with the elderly.

  • Possess skills to communicate effectively with those you supervise, clients, family members and Heart to Home management team.

  • Possess leadership / supervisory skills.

  • Must be able to prioritize and organize work effectively and efficiently.

  • Able to work irregular hours, occasional weekends and evenings.



Job Function: Manage Assisted Living program including completing essential paperwork and complying with state regulations.


  • Works to assure facility is in compliance with federal state and local standards and regulations. Is available for license surveys.

  • Keeps forms updated including policies, procedures, Bill of Rights, and related Assisted Living forms and manuals

  • Meets with Case Workers regularly.

  • Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of current trends of Assisted Living.

  • Is responsible for investigating and reporting incidents of suspected client neglect and/or abuse and reporting these findings to Heart to Home management team and/or appropriate county officials.

  • Works to maintain privacy and confidentiality of client, client’s records and client’ living environment.

  • Is willing to carry a cell phone and be ‘on call’ for emergencies and notification of changes.

  • Prepare, record, submit and maintain accurate and timely correspondence and paperwork regarding client data and billing information with management team as needed.

  • Communicates and documents client data to staff as needed.

  • Completes initial assessment of potential clients to assure that their needs will be met.

  • Completes assessment within five days of admission.

  • Assures clients maintain residency requirements, reassess and recommend alternative placement if necessary.

  • Implements service agreements with all new clients.  Reviews and revises service plan as needed.

  • Performs supervisory visits 14 days after initiation of services and coordinates or performs visit at least every 90 days thereafter.

  • Assures clients have up to date care plans.  Reviews and revises care plans as needed.

  • Monitors and maintains client charts and nursing notes.

  • Communicates to physicians and other personnel (outside Assisted Living, county caseworkers, etc) any changes in client’s needs or conditions.

  • Monitors and follows thru with ordering medications and all medication renewals as well as any necessary follow-up with physicians regarding medications and/or medical conditions.

  • Assures all physicians orders are signed and implemented with-in 24 hours.

  • Verifies and/or delegates weekly medication boxes for medication administration by unlicensed staff and checks new medications from the pharmacy.

  • Communicates and educates staff any information that staff needs to be aware of.

  • Documents or delegates disposal of medication per procedure.

  • Assures compliance with regulations and is available for federal and state licensure surveys.

  • Assists in the development of policies and procedures and implementation of them. 


Job Function: Supervision of other nursing and Unlicensed Personnel.  


  • Supervises, orientates and competency tests unlicensed staff to Assisted Living and to each client’s individual needs.

  • Gives input and/or helps perform annual evaluations for nursing and unlicensed personnel staff.  

  • Coordinates staff education to include at least 8 hours of in-services per year. 

  • Meets with staff as needed.

  • Provides health and medication training to all new employees as well as continued education for all staff and documents such training to assure compliance with state, federal and local regulations.  

  • Assures that staff clearly understands and follow all Assisted Living procedures.

  • Monitors staff for compliance of monthly client treatments as scheduled.  

  • Supervises medication practices and medical equipment being used by Assisted Living clients.

  • Assures that medication administration procedures are followed properly and discusses any needed corrections, errors, etc., with staff.


Job Function: Provide support and address needs for programs and services.


  • Maintain client files and appropriate documents as required.

  • Assess clients on an ongoing basis to assure their needs can be met. 

  • Assures clients continue to live safely in their unit, reassess and recommend alternative placement if necessary.

  • Communicates the services to be provided for each client to staff responsible for delivering the services, and assures follow through.

  • Inform personnel of changes in client’s needs and conditions.

  • Maintains communication with clients, their families and staff.

  • Facilitates coordination of client services with other service providers as needed.

  • Is available for on-call medical questions and/or emergencies via phone.


Job Function: Participate and function effectively as a team member.


  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with staff, and other Heart to Home staff including providing backup to other staff as needed.

  • Articulate information regarding clients to the team.

  • Provide proactive, constructive participation in staff meetings, committees, etc.

  • Assists other departments with special events and family functions.

  • Be compassionate and work with tact and ethical awareness.

  • Be flexible and adaptable to changing situations.

  • Responds appropriately to safety hazards, fire drills and other emergency situations.

  • Reports injuries for self, staff, clients or visitors immediately to Heart to Home management team.

  • Keep Heart to Home management team informed and involved and advised of needs and problems.


Job Function: Other duties as assigned.

  • Support the mission and values of Heart to Home.



  • Must be registered and licensed with the State of Minnesota as a RN, and must maintain a current and unrestricted licensure.

  • Must have a valid drivers license, if needed to drive.

  • At least 3 years experience in related field.

Personal Information
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