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Heart to Home works hard to create an enriching activity program. Our blog captures the essence of day-to-day activities and happenings at our residential care homes. You will notice a larger emphasis on outdoor activities during the summer months and more in-house events (music therapy, pet therapy etc.) during the winter months. Given our smaller size you will also notice that our staff have frequent times where they can enjoy one-on-one outings with our residents.

February 27th

Love is in the air...

The month of February was a month filled with love at Heart to Home. We painted pictures, worked on arts / crafts and enjoyed a variety of love songs from our music therapist. On Valentine's day we celebrated with a heart shaped pizza for lunch and a Valentine's themed BINGO game!

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January 15th

Puppy Snuggles & Tunes

We had a fun afternoon at Heart to Home. We enjoyed puppy snuggles with our furry friend Lily and some rocking good tunes with Joanne. Joanne's music program took us on a tour to New Orleans and back in honor of the Minnesota Vikings big football game against the New Orleans Saints. It was so much fun, she had many of the residents tapping their toes and signing along!

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November 9th

Halloween at Heart to Home

Halloween is always a fun time of year at Heart to Home. We painted pumpkins, had fun holiday themed music programs and enjoyed visits from our staff's children and pets - all of course in full costume! We had a few visitors from the neighborhood on Halloween night, but is was a cold one... Brrr. We are looking forward to a fun holiday season filled with family, friends and loved ones...

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October 12th

Crafts & Puppy Snuggles

We had fun with our little visitor this week. She was happily snuggling our residents and at times sat calmly with them for over an hour - Such a good dog! It's amazing to see the effects of pets on older adults. They are so calming and comforting in our times of need. After our snuggles we worked on a few fun Halloween themed treats. 

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September 22nd

National Assisted Living Week

We had a fun week celebrating National Assisted Living Week. This year's highlights included a fun canning activity with Paulette, jamming to fun music with Joanne, visits from staff's pets and staff's children!

This week the Food Club worked on the October menu. Time to break out the hotdish and soup recipes. We surely didn't miss our weekly bingo bash. The Kitchen Crew made us some pecan cookies for National Pecan Cookie Day. They were as amazing as they sound!

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July 6th

Summertime Fun!

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June 7th

Sea Life Aquarium at Mall of America

A group of staff and residents from Heart to Home took an outing to Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium at the Mall of America this past week. It was a fun time seeing and learning about all of the sea creatures. We especially enjoyed watching the school children who were there on field trips and our ice cream treats after our tour! 

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May 26th

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Indoor fun this week at Heart To Home. Hopefully this weather will turn itself around soon. Activities are more fun outside. This week we played a reminisce game. It's fun to hear the stories. We had our weekly bingo game. Jo brought some sunshine in the form of tunes. We worked out our brains with a giant crossword puzzle. The Food Club met for our very important meeting on what to put on the June menu. We've decided on nothing but ice cream and watermelon! [SMILE] We are definitely ready for summer!

Below are some photos of our Cinco de Mayo celebration which included smashing a pinata.

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April 6th

Heart to Home Easter Celebrations

"Spring is natures way of saying 'Let's Party!'"

~ Robin Williams

We have been keeping busy here at Heart to Home. We have fully decorated the homes for Easter. We have also been busy with Easter crafts, and preparing the patios, decks and gardens for summer. We are eagerly waiting for the first flowers to start pushing up from our flower beds and for the warm sunshine on our faces! Happy Easter!

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February 17th

Homes Filled With Love

"Fill a house with love and it becomes a home" ~ anonymous

We enjoyed celebrating the month of love here at Heart to Home. We had special music concerts from Joanne Bolles, valentine's arts and crafts and lots of visitors. 

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