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Heart to Home works hard to create an enriching activity program. Our blog captures the essence of day-to-day activities and happenings at our residential care homes. You will notice a larger emphasis on outdoor activities during the summer months and more in-house events (music therapy, pet therapy etc.) during the winter months. Given our smaller size you will also notice that our staff have frequent times where they can enjoy one-on-one outings with our residents.

July 26th

Fourth of July Painting & Baking Activities

We like to keep busy at Heart to Home. On this special day we worked in the kitchen baking a fresh loaf of banana bread followed by an arts and crafts activity. The arts and crafts activity was 4th of July themed to help celebrate this fun holiday. Smiles all around!

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June 14th

Minnesota Zoo Outing

After a hot and humid weekend we were a bit worried how our group outing to the Minnesota Zoo would work out, but the weather was perfect! After getting all the residents up and ready for the big outing we hit the road to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, Minnesota. We arrived in the mid-morning and everyone was eager to see the Minnesota Zoo. For some residents this was their first visit and for most others this was their first visit in many years. We were joined by a group of volunteer nursing students and Josh's two older children Charlie and Oliver. The residents enjoyed seeing all of the sights, sounds and attractions at the zoo. The favorite part for most everyone was seeing all of the children running around with smiles on their faces and no cares in the world... Ah, to be a kid again... It was a wonderful trip and we look forward to making it back soon!

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April 6th

Heart to Home | Easter Celebration

We had a fun Easter celebration here at Heart to Home. We started the night before by having staff hide Easter eggs throughout the homes. Then on Easter morning the residents and daytime staff had a fun Easter egg hunt throughout the homes. A fun activity to get us moving and to bring back those cherished childhood memories. We  had lots of smiles and a few too many pieces of chocolate!

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February 29th

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! This month at Heart to Home we filled the house with Valentines decorations and crafts, among other fun activities. For Valentine's Day we used our fine motor, team work, and communication skills to complete many loving crafts, including a "Be My Valentine" banner, paper heart garland, and Valentine's for our hard working staff! We also engaged all of our senses by making snacks for our favorite animal friends, bird seed cakes and dog biscuits! Finally, we have had fun engaging our gross motor skills with a new parachute! It is fun for our residents of all abilities to participate in.

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January 22nd

New Year Treats!

Happy New Year!
Here at Heart to Home we wrapped up December by making some of our favorite Christmas cookies and reminisced about our favorite holiday memories. We welcomed 2016 with a New Years party with hats, confetti, sparkling juice, and a countdown.

This week we are keeping warm making scented neck warmers with rice, tube socks, and essential oils. This required teamwork, communication, fine motor skills and upper body body strength. They sure are cozy and relaxing on cold winter days!

We are also fighting cabin fever by creating "I Spy" Puzzles out of rice, water bottles, and house hold objects, playing Bingo with our home school student visitors, and baking extra treats.

Next week we hope to visit some of the local businesses for coffee and ice cream!

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December 30th

Heart to Home | Holidays

It's hard to believe 2016 is just around the corner! We have been busy as elves here at Heart to Home filling the houses with decorations and holiday treats!

The week after Thanksgiving we decorated the Christmas trees. Grabbing the ornaments and reaching for branches required a lot of fine and gross motor skills! Since then we have been busy stringing popcorn and cranberry garland, painting, creating glittery ornaments, and making our own holiday wreaths. All of these activities required decision making, motor planning, along with fine and gross motor and social skills. We also enjoyed a fun festive music concert courtesy of Joanne Bolles.

Next week we are looking forward to bringing in the new year!

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December 2nd

Happy Turkey Day!

It has been a busy November at Heart to Home! We've been busy filling our homes with homemade treats and Thanksgiving decorations. We've also enjoyed visits from deer and turkeys trotting through our back yard.

We created mini pilgrim hat place settings using fine motor skills and direction following. It also helps us socialize with housemates by getting to know their names!

We wanted to show our family, friends and staff how grateful we are for them by creating them homemade candy bags that look like ears of corn. This required a lot of concentration and fine motor skills.

Finally using gross motor, fine motor, teamwork and communication skills, we created adorable turkey wreaths.

We are looking forward to enjoying a home made Thanksgiving meal and spending time with friends and family; we are thankful for this week!
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November 11th

Fall Festivities

It was a big week for us last week at Heart to Home. Not only were we busy with making delicious deserts, making crafts, and playing games, we welcomed the new residents of Heart to Home's Hilltop Manor.
We prepared for Thanksgiving by creating a festive Thanksgiving banner at each house. This required us to use our fine motor skills, follow instructions and to concentrate our efforts.

We also utilized out fine motor skills and awakened our senses while making tasty apple pie bites! The smells of warm apples and cinnamon brought back memories of cool fall days in Minnesota.

The residents at Hilltop Manor also took advantage of a few good days of weather by walking around and exploring their new neighborhood!
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October 23rd

Cooking Puppy Chow

Here we are making up some tasty treats on a cool fall day. We can't wait to taste one of our favorite recipes; puppy chow!

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October 21st

All Things Fall

Last week at Heart to Home we celebrated all things fall. One of our favorite sports is football, and we were able to exercise our arms and coordination with our football themed bean bags. Next we utilized our fine motor and creative skills and worked on some spooky Halloween decorations. The week wasn't complete without seeing how much the leaves have changed. The residents at Mendakota Manor took a walk down to a nearby pond and enjoyed beautiful fall weather and sights! Finally the residents at Mendakota Manor worked on dehydrating apples which will go towards creating a fall apple wreath. Thank you Orchard Hills Apple Orchard for donating the apples!
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